Ercoupe YO-55

Once upon a time there were three Ercoupes from West Bloomfield. On any day when flying weather prevailed, the 'Coupes could be seen flying somewhere over the Western New York area. During the 1980's George Tucker, Ron Sellars, et al, could be found at any Fly-In Breakfast or other aviation event in the area. When Geneseo began holding a Warbird show, the boys from Bloomfield pitched in, did up the 'Coupes in YO-55 Warbird colors and became regulars in the flying display. They flew for fun and did it well.

Time went on, things changed. Planes were sold, minor accidents grounded one plane. Ron Sellars (a well-known and much-loved local flyer) Went West. George Tuckers (a.k.a. TUC) wanted to cut back on his A.P. operation and came to the 1941 Aircraft Group with an amazing offer. Ron's widow, Genny, would be willing to make his 'Coupe available to us at a reasonable price on the condition that it be kept in the Tuskeegee Airmen colors. Ron had adopted this paint scheme as a tribute to the Black Airmen of the 99th Pursuit Squadron (which was joined by three other squadrons to become the 332nd Fighter Group, also known as the Redtails). In addition, George donated his 'Coupe "Pannanorka" and extra parts to the cause.

Ron's 'Coupe has been flying since May 2000 and retains the Tuskeegee colors as Genny wished. Plans have been made to start restoration on "Pannanorka" this Fall.

- Austin Wadsworth


ERCO (Engineering Research Corporation)


Continental C-85-12 - 85 hp

Maximum Speed:

144 mph

Weight Empty:

815 lbs.

Service Ceiling:

13,000 ft.


400 miles