The 1941 Historical Aircraft Group was established in 1994 by an initial band of 250 aviation enthusiasts. The primary goal of the Group was to continue with the traditional airshow held on the turf strip at the Geneseo airport and to highlight the aircraft of the past with a focus on World War II aviation.

The first Warbird Gathering airshow was held in September of 1994. Each year since then, the Airshow has continued to grow in aircraft participation and attendance. This year's Geneseo airshow will be held in July at the Geneseo airport.

In an effort to make the Group more visible, the first Memories USO Show was held at the Geneseo Armory in 1994. The show has become a favorite event for members and guests. The Annual Memories USO Show is now held during the Airshow in the 1941 Aircraft Group Hangar at the Geneseo Airport and is enjoyed by all who attend.

In the Spring of 2001, the Group was granted a Provisional Museum Charter by the New York State Board of Regents. The group's Board of Trustees was increased to five members and our name was officially changed to the 1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum, Inc. At the same time, the name Hangar Tales was adopted for the Group's newsletter. The 1941 Historical Aircraft Group Museum is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organized for educational purposes.

Membership Milestone: 999 Members as of 01 October 2011.