The C-119 was used by U.S.A.F. troop carrier wings and Air National Guard aeromedical evacuation squadrons. The C-119F and
C-119G were the final production models of the Flying Boxcar, the last example of which was delivered late in 1955.

Evolved from the C-82A by relocating the flight deck, widening the fuselage, strengthening the wings and providing more powerful engines, the C-119 carried sixty-two fully-equipped troops or a 30,000-lb. cargo load. Ramps are provided for the rear loading of wheeled or tracked vehicles, and some aircraft have an extended radar nose.

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Fairchild Aviation


2 Wright R-3350-89Ws - 3400 hp

Maximum Speed:

296 mph

Weight Empty:

39,982 lbs.

Service Ceiling:

17,000 ft.


2,280 miles